Favorites of 2018!

It has been another great year for us! The Art of Comprehension lands tomorrow! The Four O’Clock Faculty is still helping educators to change their PD Game, and a new book (from Rich) is in the works! Plus, we are in the process of scheduling our first Live Event! More details to follow.

Below are some of our favorite posts from 2018!

Trevor’s Favorites

The Art of Comprehension – The Art of Comprehension (AoC) offers students support by providing tools that helps to make comprehension,  conversation and writer’s craft work more visible. 

The Secret of Creative Success – Is there a secret to creative success? Trevor argues for a very simple formula for doing your best work!

Exploration, Comprehension, Creation/Communication – What do the Greats have in common? They created. They innovated. They disrupted.

May Your Starts Never End – Beginning can be overwhelming. How do you get to your best work?

Exploring Light Bulbs – How can our students learn from doing something unknown like Thomas Edison?

Rich’s Favorites

A Missed Opportunity – What happens when we miss an opportunity? How can we learn from it?

The Persistence of Traditionalism – When you are stuck in a relationship with traditionalism, how do you get out?

Great Writers Write – We need to give students the opportunity to be great writers! Start with these simple strategies.

Raising a Book Thief – My daughter is a book thief, and it’s quite a problem to have.

Changing Lightbulbs – Consider all of the factors that go into changing a single lightbulb in a school. Sometimes, it feels like jumping through hoops.

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