Additional Book Resources: The Secret Sauce

Check out these additional resources for The Secret Sauce: Essential Ingredients for Exceptional Teaching

Chapter 1

What is Question Formulation Technique? Learn more about this strategy to get students asking questions in the classroom.

How do you create routines in your classroom? Do students have a say?

Seven Ideas for Student Reflection.

What if you used the Yes, If approach for an entire week?


Chapter 2

Rewards & Consequences from Trevor Bryan

How can you set SMART goals with students?

More Goal Setting Resources for Students


Chapter 3

Book Recommendation: Lead with Culture by Jay Billy

How do you celebrate in your classroom? Find something to celebrate using this Calendar of Fun, Wacky, and Trivial Holidays.

Class Meeting resources from Edutopia

Learn more about RPS from the Official World Rock Paper Scissors Association.


Chapter 4

More Thoughts and Resources from Elizabeth Merce

How does Disney use ARE (Appreciation, Recognition, Encouragement)?

5 Ideas for Preventing & Dealing with Negativity

Find Those Who Will Help You Grow


A Recipe for Success: Building Positive Relationships with Parents, Guardians, and Families

Learn more about Family Camp! Check out A Guide to Hosting Your Own Parent Camp by Joe Mazza.

More ParentCamp resources


Chapter 5

Check out the CV of Failures from Princeton Professor Johannes Haushofer

More about the CV of Failures from the Washington Post

How can I start Reflection Walkabouts in my school?


Chapter 6

What is Genius Hour?

How are you using your daily minute allotment? Use this Time Inventory Template to determine what you should keep or get rid of!

Learn more about Appreciation, Apology, Aha!

More information about the FedEx logo and it’s hidden message.


Chapter 7

Learn more about Sensory Rooms from Edutopia.

Check out the Sensory Walk we set up in our Main Office!

More about Pixar and Team Meetings!

Pixar’s Secret for Giving Feedback

Check out this list of common Accommodations and Modifications.

10 Creative Ways to Use Sketchnotes in the Classroom


Chapter 8

Get your students involved in Math-A-Thon!

More information from Matt Miller about Mystery Skypes/Hangouts

Learn more about the Global Learning project with India and Level Up Village!

Try Anchor.FM for students to easily create their own podcasts!

Join the Student Blogging Challenge!


Chapter 9

Check out the Classroom Design Checklist from #4OCF!

Book Recommendation: The Space – A Guide for Educators by Rebecca Louis Hare and Dr. Robert Dillon

Classroom Design resources from #4OCF

Get students up and moving with GoNoodle!

More about Steve Jobs and how his most brilliant ideas came while walking!

Try the Flippity Random Name Picker!

Learn more about 360 Degree Math Classrooms!


Chapter 10

Learn more about CoffeeEDU!

How can a Pineapple Chart help you get into other classrooms?

So you have a Twitter account! Now what?

Check out the Voxer app and the #4OCFpln!


A Recipe for Success: Professional and Personal Growth

Find a Edcamp near you!

Host an Appy Hour at your next Staff Meeting!

Lead a #StaffBookTasting at your next meeting!

Discover great resources from these blogs: DITCH That Textbook, Cult of Pedagogy, Instant Relevance, and Edutopia.

Check out these exceptional podcasts: StartEdUp, PodcastPD, Akimbo, Song Exploder, and The Creative Classroom

Book Recommendation: The Four O’Clock Faculty: A ROGUE Guide to Revolutionizing Professional Development


Chapter 11

What opportunities arise when students face challenges?

Why are names important? It’s pronounced Chiz by the way.


Chapter 12

Malcolm Gladwell shares a story about Howard Moskovitz and Spaghetti Sauce during this TED Talk!


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