A Week of Yes


I’ve written before about the Yes, If mentality:

Starting today, what if you said YES for the entire week?


If a student wants to try something new…

Say Yes.

If a student asks if they can work on a certain topic…

Say Yes.

If a student wants to build or create something…

Say Yes.

If a colleague suggests that the two of you collaborate on a project…

Say Yes.

If an administrator asks for volunteers for an upcoming event…

Say Yes.


Think of all the opportunities you have during the week to say Yes.

Think about the possibilities if you choose to say Yes.

What might happen if you say Yes?


So, as you begin the week, make it a Week of Yes.

Imagine the possibilities.

Imagine how much everyone around you will feel encouraged.

Imagine the productive and meaningful work that everyone will engage in.

Imagine how eliminating the word No from your vocabulary will change your reality.


Say Yes.

Say Yes each and every time.

Say Yes each and every day.


Celebrate a Week of Yes and let us know how it goes. Share your experiences saying Yes on Twitter at #4OCF.


Rich (@RACzyz)

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