Drive-Thru Meetings


Sometimes, you have information to share with staff that doesn’t require a full meeting. It might be sharing a packet of resources or digital resources, having staff review and ask any necessary questions.

Doing this at a full blown meeting (60 minutes or even 30 minutes) takes away valuable time for everyone.

Instead of forcing everyone to attend a meeting that may not hold any value for them, set up a Drive-Thru Meeting.

Just like hitting the drive thru at your favorite coffee place or favorite fast food place, sometimes, it’s just about getting in, getting what you need, and getting out.

Let everyone know that you’ll be in a certain location for about 20-30 minutes, then set up shop and let everyone “drive thru” to ask questions, share a thought, or just check in. Share resources before you set up your drive-thru. Let everyone get what they need, then move on.

Don’t meet just to meet. Drive thru instead.




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