Additional Book Resources: ROGUE Leader


Check out these additional resources from ROGUE Leader: Make the Rules, Inspire Others, and Take Control of Your Own Professional Development Destiny.


Introduction: The Road Behind & The Road Ahead

The Four O’Clock Faculty: A ROGUE Guide to Revolutionizing Professional Development Book Resources


Chapter 2: Are you READI?

Create your own Smore Newsletter!

What is Your Greatest Superpower? Guest Post at 4OCF by Tony Cattani


PD Session Planning: Start at the Beginning with an Invitation to Learning

Check out A List of Visual Design Tools.

See how Nili Bartley inspires colleagues through Video!

Check out this sample PD inivitation:


Chapter 3: Beyond Buzzword Du Jour and “One and Done”

Try your own #StaffBookTasting!


Chapter 4: Pushing the Pessimists

Want to order your own Professional Development Championship? Check out Undisputed Belts.

Check out Amy Storer’s post on #CopierPD

Check out Tara Martin’s post on #PottyPD

Learn more about hosting a PD Challenge!

Make a copy of the PD Challenge Template here.


Chapter 5: Switching Up Staff Meetings

Read Meredith Aker’s post on Podcasts & Pedometers

Check out the Edutopia video on the 15 Minute Standing Meeting

Learn more about the Cult of Pedagogy post on Chat Stations

Check out Mandy Ellis’ post on Chopped PD

Read Chris Dodge’s 4OCF Post about Getting Rid of Staff Meetings altogether

Click here for 4OCF One Page PD Step by Step Directions


PD Session Planning: What to do with The Middle? Change the Dynamic and Change Mindsets


Chapter 6: Planned PD Days

Learn more about VCR- Voice, Choice, and Relevance from Jon Craig


Chapter 7: Staff Well-Being

Check out Brian Kulak describe a Stress Relief Day planned for colleagues


Chapter 8: Flexible Options for Busy/Overwhelmed Educators

Check out

Check out

Learn more about Virtual Appy Hour from Starsha Canaday

Watch the Quit Wearing Busy Like a Badge of Honor Video by John Spencer


PD Session Planning: How to Reach the End of Your PD

Check out the Appreciation, Apology, Aha strategy for your next PD session

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