Your Routines


You work to build routines and implement easy to follow procedures for students at the beginning of the year. Consistent routines can be a great help for students who require an orderly, organized, and methodical setting.

But what about the student who does well in an unstructured environment?

What should you do if your routines don’t work for a child?

A teacher once told me that my daughter would need to adjust to following directions. She has always been less likely to respond to routines and rote procedures, especially when she either doesn’t understand the Why behind the rule or disagrees with the Why behind the rule.

So if the child won’t work to adapt to the routine, you need to ask yourself how to adapt the routine to work for the child. So, how can you adapt or modify your routines so that they work for students?

Start by giving students a Voice in creating the routines. Your work flow won’t necessarily work for students. Let them decide what works best for them. They are less likely to tear down the routines that they helped to build.

Give them a say in the matter. Let them lead the way and build routines that work for everyone.

Don’t focus on YOUR ROUTINES.



Rich (@RACzyz)

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