The Art of Comprehension


I could not be more excited to share that my upcoming book, The Art of Comprehension: Exploring Visual Texts to Foster Comprehension, Conversation and Confidence, is heading into the final phase of production and will soon be out into the world.

My book’s mission is to help all students to explore, find and share their unique voice. They all have gifts to give, some students just need a little extra support to learn to give them. The Art of Comprehension (AoC) offers this support by providing tools that helps to make comprehension,  conversation and writer’s craft work more visible. Making this work more visible helps make it more accessible to every student which gives them the opportunity to become an active member of the classroom community.

AoC has also helped me to find my voice as an educator. Twenty years ago, I went into education believing that the arts had more to offer, that they were underutilized and that they could play a more prominent role in the academic lives of students. It has taken me nearly twenty years to figure out how to articulate why and how but I’ve finally found a path forward that is meaningful and relevant. I am so grateful to have this opportunity to share it.

It means the world to me to launch this book, to launch this mission, to help every student to explore, find and share their voice. Let’s expand possibility for everyone. I hope you join me.

If interested, preordering in now available:


Trevor (@trevorabryan)

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