Changing Lightbulbs


There are a lot of things to consider when changing a lightbulb in a school. 


What kind of lightbulb is it? Is it energy efficient? Is it safe for students? 

Is the light beneficial for students or does it negatively impact the learning environment? 


What is the color temperature of the bulb? How cost-efficient will the bulb be over the next 5 years? 7 years? 10 years? 

Who is responsible for replacing the bulb? And what are the safety regulations we need to meet when replacing the bulb? 


Will State oversight have a safety concern with the bulb or ask us to replace it? 

Not to mention, which vendor do we need to purchase the lightbulb from? Do they take purchase orders?

Will the expense be approved at the next Board Meeting? Did we submit the purchase order in time to make the next agenda? 


The simple task of replacing a lightbulb boils down to a mere forty-five step process. 

Many decisions that we make every day in schools cause us to suffer from paralysis by analysis. 

If it is this difficult to replace a lightbulb, then how can we ever help students? 


The answer is actually really very simple. 

We must continue to focus on only the things that matter. 


Yes. We may have to jump through hoops when making certain decisions. 

We may also have to overlook the rules when making some of these decisions.


I always try to consider one overarching factor: Will it benefit students? 

If so, then move forward. Make it happen. Don’t let anything stand in your way. 

If it doesn’t matter, let someone else occupy themselves with the decisions. 


Rich (@RACzyz) 

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