Discomfort, Confusion, & Uncertainty


Discomfort, confusion and uncertainty

are all part of creating,

of changing,

of doing work that matters.


When doing work that matters,

you have to be patient

and trust that through the work,

answers will be found,

puzzles will be solved.


Nobody doing new

or important work

is ever comfortable.


It’s hard

being the new voice,

the odd voice,

the only voice.


And it’s hard

when the idea

and the voice

seem to be

eons apart.


If you are uncomfortable,

that’s good.


You’re on the right path.

Enjoy the newness.

Enjoy the journey.

Enjoy the growth.


If you’re comfortable,

it’s time to explore,

to roam the edges.


There’s discomfort out there

that you need to embrace.


Trevor (@trevorabryan)

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