Fan Letter to Seth Godin


In the book,

Steal Like An Artist

by Austin Kleon,

Austin Kleon

recommends writing

public fan letters.

I like this idea

So I’m writing one

(or many).


I hope everyone

(including students)


public fan letters

to the people

who impact their lives.


Dear Seth Godin,


Thank you for being so generous.

The ideas you share

have had such a huge impact

on my life

and so many other people

who are in my circle (I mean tribe).

Your daily blog,

regardless of content,

(which I normally love by the way)

is also such a good model

of how things get done,

how things get built,

how creativity happens.

I try to use your

insights and thoughts

to improve my life

and the life of my

colleagues and students.

I hope we can create

a better world for everyone.

Thanks again!


Trevor (@trevorabryan)



Thanks to you too,


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