Strategies for a Solutions Based Culture


Yesterday, I wrote about the importance of  establishing a solutions based culture, one in which problems are directly addressed by the collective whole in order to improve schools. Here are several strategies that might be useful in helping to create a solutions based culture:

Be Transparent. Allowing others to openly see your thought process helps to model a solutions based culture. Show others that you are willing to admit when there is a problem and ask for help in generating solutions.

Take and Utilize Feedback. Survey staff using Google Forms, and use the feedback to improve organization, communication, programs, or operations. Be sure to respond directly to feedback so that individual staff members know their concerns have been listened to and addressed.

Present Your Problems to the Masses. Share your struggles with those supporting you. Chances are that if you are dealing with a problem as a leader, one of your colleagues probably can help in finding a solution. Be sure to let those around you know about the problems you are working through so that they can provide input.

Host a Problem Solving Summit/Jam Session. Use meeting time to have staff members solve problems they might be dealing with. Brainstorm possible alternatives, and leave the meeting with a resolution. Or use the Jam Session structure to focus on solutions.

Whiteboard Your Problems/Solutions. Visual thinking can help you to solve problems. Author Dan Roam, in his new book Draw to Win, shows how mapping out your problem areas and possible solutions can help to lead you to the right solution to solve your issue for good.

Include Others in the Decision Making Process. In order to avoid problems in the first place, involve other colleagues in a shared decision making process. Share the thought process and Why behind decisions, and allow for input when decisions affect specific staff members.

What other strategies would you employ to create a solutions based culture? Share in the comments section below.
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