ICYMI Our Best Posts from Summer 2016

Engaging to Empathize As educators, we often must engage in difficult conversations. It might be a student, parent, or colleague. Remember that developing empathy is the key to successfully navigating these situations.


5 More STEM Challenges Engage students with these collaborative STEM Challenges.

12 Month Human How do you engage over the summer as an educator? Never take a vacation from any of the parts of you.

High Expectations and High Support The phrase “high expectations” is often heard in  discussions surrounding education. It is important to know that we hold all students to high expectations. It is also important, however, that we provide high support in meeting those expectations.


Expectations for Each Other What are our expectations for each other? I realized yesterday that this is an extremely important question. While we model for students what we would like to see from them, we probably don’t pay enough attention to our own relationships with each other as adults.

6 Ideas for Classroom Design Consider how the design of your classroom can have a huge impact on you and your students. Try these ideas to design your classroom this year.

6 Ideas for Classroom Design (1)

Hi-Hat on the Left As educators, we can sometimes get caught up in our daily routines. Sometimes, we get to the point of being in a creative rut. When this happens, try putting “the hi-hat on the left.”

Who Will Be In Your Classroom This Year? Our first ever video! Enjoy!

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