Thanks Dan


I. am. a. writer.

Sometimes it’s hard to admit it, but I am a writer.

I was having a difficult time thinking this way lately, but when I struggle to write, the best thing that I can do is fall into a good book.

So it goes that this week, I downloaded a digital copy of Dan Tricarico’s new book, Write Here and Now: The Mindful Writing Teacher’s Guide to Finding the Zen in the Pen. While the book is helpful in providing strategies to help students who may be reluctant writers, I have found it to inspire my own writing during a particular writing slump.

Some of the words from the book that have inspired me:

  • I’d love to write, but I just don’t have the time. The truth is, I don’t either. Sometimes I get up woefully early. Sometimes I stay up late. Sometimes I write on my lunch period. I do what it takes. And it may require sacrifice.” This is the part I’ve been struggling with, but when I do sit down to write, I truly feel better.
  • It can be easy for students to see a writing opportunity as just another writing requirement… Each writing assignment, then, is an opportunity to get our students to explore, to take a stand, to express an idea, to learn something about themselves, or to share their hearts and minds.” What a powerful way to think about writing for ourselves and our students.
  • Having a word count requirement not only gave students something to shoot for, but it could take many forms and go in many directions. It gave them freedom to explore their thoughts… Stop thinking about the entire piece every time you sit down to write.” I don’t need to finish a novel every time I sit to write. A hundred and fifty words is a perfectly acceptable goal.


While I’m only about a third of the way through the book, it has already inspired me to write. I think Dan would be happy to know that his writing has inspired others to write.

So, I’ll write the most true sentence that I can. Just two words full of meaning and gratitude.

Thanks Dan.




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