Modeling Technology Usage


During district PD this week, I was attending a session on digital citizenship. Several resources were shared from Common Sense Media, including a Family Engagement Toolkit.

I wanted to join the session because we have been struggling with online behaviors impacting students in school. Students are not demonstrating kind, gracious behaviors toward others online. While looking for a resource to share with our school’s families, I came across a simple question that I think captures the essence of student’s use and misuse of social media:

How are we modeling technology use for students?

This question gets to the heart of the approach we should be taking with students in their technology usage, but it opens a whole additional set of questions that we (teachers and parents) must examine if we want to show kids the right way.

Are we modeling a healthy relationship with our phones? Do we put them down and engage with real life?

Are we communicating with others in a kind and gracious way?

Do we stop and think before sharing something online? Is this factual? Is it true? How do I verify it?

Is this the best use of my time?

These are all questions that we must answer for students. We must model and show our children the How and Why of social media and technology usage, and especially at a much younger age.

As with most of our instruction, we will be most successful with a simple plan:

Model. Model. Model. 

How are we modeling technology use for students?




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