A PD Museum


It seems like a museum. Honoring everything that we used to do with professional development.

Except it’s not what we used to do, it’s what we are still doing in some cases.

Dated PowerPoint slides with too many words on them, which the presenter reads line by painful line.

Everyone crammed into the cafeteria (on hard benches) to listen to the same information shared with all (even those who don’t need it).

Canned slidedecks by the one-and-done presenter, who won’t be back again.

The (same) session you’ve now sat through five times over the last seven years.

PD in 2022 is not meant to serve as a museum of our past practices.

It’s time to move forward.

What are the past (and sometimes current) PD practices that must go?!

Share your thoughts (and bad past practices) at #ROGUELeader.

Then, let them go and go ROGUE.

Be a #ROGUELeader. Pick up your copy today.




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