A Moment


A month into the school year, and it feels like we are operating at break neck pace. It only seems that way because we are.

Everything has taken on new importance. Kids are trying to figure out what school is all about after 18 inconsistent months of “school.” Teachers are trying to manage the emotional trauma and wreckage while also catching students up academically. Administrators are trying to navigate the Post-COVID (but not really post COVID) protocols and quarantines keeping students AND staff at home and out of action.

It’s been hectic.

So I want to stress the importance of A moment. For all of us trying to make this work on a daily basis, sometimes, we need to take a moment. We need to take a step back and just breathe.

If you are feeling frustrated, angry, or simply like you need to walk away, find your moment.

Some schools employ the Tap In Tap Out strategy.

Some teachers may have a go-to colleague ready to spell them.

On the rare occasion that we have an extra sub, we try to have that person cover a teacher while they get a short break.

Whatever strategy you employ, be sure to find a moment.

And when you find it, take it.




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