One Hour Early


I’m not very good at getting to work early. I’m usually right on time or occasionally walking in a few minutes later than I should. 

When I do want to get something done, however, I will show up early. I’ve found that the earlier I get there, the more productive time I can find when others are not yet engaged in their day.

The hour before school opens simply provides uninterrupted time. The building normally starts to come to life around 8am, but if you get there as early as 7am, you’ll find just the head custodian already tending to his normal duties. In fact, he also understands that this is the most productive part of the day. Once 8am rolls around and the clock gets closer to the official 8:25 start time for instructional staff, more and more people filter into the building, along with more requests and demands. If I had to chart meaningful and productive work on a timeline, it would look something like this:

Better stated, items from my own checklist can be completed prior to 8am. Items completed after 8am almost always come from someone else’s checklist

If you are looking to get something done, get started early. Quiet time at 7am can be a beautiful thing!




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