The Disconnect


There is a huge disconnect right now between what we think school should be and what it actually is.

I’ve seen it first hand because I’m on the inside.

Many in the outside world are led to believe that by getting our kids into schools, we are instantly fixing all of the problems of the last year.

Yes, kids are in school.
At least some of them.
Many are still at home, and struggling to connect.

Those who are in school see a handful of classmates a few times a week for a few hours.

Some of their friends they’ve only known through a screen for close to thirteen months.

Educators are limited in how they reach students.

In many of our classrooms, teachers and students sit just feet apart while both staring at screens all day long.

It’s not actually school.

It’s not.

So what is it then?

It’s the missing smiles and laughs.

It’s the cold reality of another unanswered email, message, or phone call.

It’s the distance between us.
Physical, social, and emotional.

It’s the families who want better.
It’s the teachers who want the same.
It’s the kids who just want to be kids again.

It’s those of us who try to make the best of the situation each day but fail miserably.

It’s just the disconnect.

But we’ll just keep trying.

One of these days, it will be school again.

As it was meant to be.

With no more disconnect.




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