The Conduit


#ThrowbackThursday in honor of Opening Day! Let’s get #OpeningDayShouldBeANationalHoliday trending.

I was recently reading The MVP Machine, a book about the use of data analytics in baseball player development. I’ve always been fascinated by the use of data analysis, especially in baseball, since reading Moneyball, which introduced the use of advanced statistics and data analysis by Major League Baseball teams to make better personnel decisions.

The MVP Machine introduces the concept of the Conduit, the person who connects the Old School Baseball world of those who do not put much faith in advanced statistics, and the statheads, those who make arguments specifically on the basis of what advanced metrics show. The Conduit had to be the person able to “speak both languages,” for fear that the message “one, not be understood, or two, not be implemented at all or maybe even spurned altogether.”

The Conduit has the unique ability to convince old school thinkers to look at something new and see the possibilities.

In thinking about how this idea connects to our schools, I saw the obvious parallels to the old school thinking that sometimes permeates our educational system, and the difficulty present in trying to move forward.

The Conduit is the person operating in our schools today, asking questions, looking for possibilities, connecting with old school thinkers, and pushing new ideas.

The Conduit is able to connect with those in schools who believe in traditional ways and methods.

The Conduit is not afraid to question everything, and not afraid to get rid of a practice simply because of tradition or comfort.

The Conduit believes in better, in helping everyone work toward constant improvement.

The Conduit believes in tinkering, partnerships, and possibilities.

Because of these beliefs, the Conduit becomes the channel for growth in our schools.

Today, look for the Conduit in your school. And if you can’t find them, become the Conduit yourself.




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