Our Failure


The failure lies upon the system. It lies upon all of us. We failed to ensure that we were ready.

We were not prepared to adapt. We couldn’t pivot to ensure that everyone could learn in a different setting.

The stale practices and antique routines that we let become common prevented us from quickly looking to new ideas.

When we were faced with uncertainty, we quickly retreated to familiar standard operating procedures.

And somehow, we were surprised when the old standbys didn’t work.

We expected what we’ve built to work in this new environment, when it wasn’t even working for us before.

We tried to create something that would work and failed.

So then we came up with something different.

It failed too.

On the fly, we continued to try and fail.

We still haven’t found something that is completely successful.

We keep hearing that we will soon return to “normal.”

Many want to return to those tired standard operating procedures.

This failure, however, should serve as our biggest lesson. It should provide a learning opportunity.

Those standard operating procedures weren’t working.

They certainly aren’t working now.

And they still won’t work when we return to “normal.”

We should definitely be concerned with returning to “normal.”

If we do, of course the failure will lie upon the system.

But the failure will also lie upon all of us too.




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