Interview Tip #5


As an administrator for several years, I have sat through my fair share of interviews on both sides of the table. I once sat through well over a hundred interviews in a single summer to fill several open teaching positions. After a while, all of the teaching candidates, who are trying to distinguish themselves, start to blend together.

Through all of the interviews over the years, I’ve learned a few things. This week, I’ll share some interview tips. Consider this practical advice if you are searching for or interviewing for a teaching position right now.

What do I do Post-Interview? After you land the interview, present your best self, and hopefully, impress the interviewers, your work is not done. There are important steps that need to take place, post-interview. The first step is a follow-up email. Thank the interviewer for their time and effort in speaking with you. Be sure to get the person’s name right and proofread. (I can’t tell you how many emails I’ve received with typos and mistakes!)

Share a link to your digital portfolio, website, or online presence in the email. Share a work sample that you are particularly proud of. Use a tool like Smore to create a Digital Portfolio, including pictures, and stories of success. Plus a tool like Smore is great, because you can track to see when someone views the information! The post-interview follow-up email is essential and necessary, but it also provides another opportunity to stand out amongst the crowd!

I hope this helps as you prepare for interview season! Best of luck!


Rich (@RACzyz)


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