Interview Tip #4


As an administrator for several years, I have sat through my fair share of interviews on both sides of the table. I once sat through well over a hundred interviews in a single summer to fill several open teaching positions. After a while, all of the teaching candidates, who are trying to distinguish themselves, start to blend together.

Through all of the interviews over the years, I’ve learned a few things. This week, I’ll share some interview tips. Consider this practical advice if you are searching for or interviewing for a teaching position right now.

Stand Out. Yesterday, we talked about fitting in, but today, it’s time to think about how to stand out! There will be reasons that you might stand out to an interviewer. Make sure that you don’t stand out for the wrong reasons. Think about what will make you stand out in a positive manner. Share your talents, interests, and passions. Show the interviewer that you are a real person – someone who is passionate about educating students!

Do you love to garden, and look forward to starting a gardening club with your students? Make sure you speak to this! Are you passionate about reading? Describe your love for books, and share the last great book you read. Tell how you’d love to share a favorite read aloud with students! Let the interviewer know what you are bringing to the table. After a series of interviews, I will always be able to remember the teaching candidate who wanted to put on a second grade musical with his students! Just make sure it’s authentic! Be your true self in order to stand out!

I hope this helps as you prepare for interview season! Best of luck!


Rich (@RACzyz)


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