The Greatest Teachers I’ve Known


The greatest teachers I’ve known have always shared one common characteristic.


Passion for teaching.
Passion for learning.
Passion for their subjects.
Passion for their students.
Passion for their colleagues.
Passion for life.

They’ve been the ones in love with teaching and learning. They’ve been the ones in love with life.

Spending time in their classrooms can transform your experience even as an adult. Suddenly, the passion is contagious, and you find yourself in love with learning all over again. Every time you visit.

You sit to learn alongside students as the minutes melt away.

You sit and listen to the read aloud as if you were 10 years old again.

You sit and find yourself transfixed by what’s taking place.

This is what a classroom is supposed to look like.

And it is simply because of the passion that the teacher brings to the classroom and to life each day.

So, here’s to the greatest teachers I’ve known. May their passion carry all of us forward.


Rich (@RACzyz)


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