Publishing is Necessary


Publishing is hard. Seth recently spoke on the idea of connecting ideas. No matter how often you create and share, the idea connecting with the audience depends on the audience.

As an author and blogger, I sometimes spend a great deal of time writing about an idea that I think will connect. Sometimes it connects and sometimes it doesn’t.

There are also times when I will take an idea that hasn’t quite been fleshed out and share it in its most basic state. Sometimes it goes nowhere and sometimes it connects with individuals who share and spread the idea.

Once you have an idea, there is no quite telling where it will take you.

Yes, publishing is hard. But it is also sometimes required. It becomes a compulsion. A necessary step to ensure that ideas, both good and bad, are ultimately shared.

Make sure you publish.
Share those ideas.
It is absolutely necessary.


Rich (@RACzyz)


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