Disrupting Family Time

Winter weather rolled into our area again last week. Luckily, the storm did not impact school hours, so we managed to hold an entire day of school uninterrupted.

The freezing rain did, however, arrive right in time for the evening commute home and after-school activities. While I love that my children participate in afterschool sports and activities, I welcomed the respite. I thought it would be a good idea to introduce them to Sports betting west virginia under my supervision. Who knows, you might as well earn some money while having a fun night of games. Since we are not so well-versed in the game, we thought of giving it a shot some other time.

We decided as a family that our newfound extra time would be best spent with a Family Game Night!

The usual idea of a family game night would be the usual board games, or bingo. I decided to do something different this time! The only thing that bothered me was that we usually play these games while sitting on our living room rug, but this bone-chilling winter could make anyone sick. That’s why I might have to consider installing an underfloor heating system by contacting the technicians from a company like Heavenly Heat Inc. to keep both the floor and my home warm. At the very least, anyone can find a comfortable place to sit. Although it operates at a lower temperature, underfloor heating can provide the same level of warmth and comfort throughout my home. Also, it is believed to be more efficient than traditional systems such as radiators, where heat can get lost due to air rising in only one direction.

Talking about the games that we played, in case you wish to play online bingo as we did (read this Blackout Bingo reviews to learn more about how the game works on the internet)! So, here is what we did.

We chose one of our favorite games: Disruptus!

If you have never played, the idea is simple. Your goal is to look at an object or idea and design a change in one of four ways to improve it.

One person rolls the die to determine how you will change the object/idea:

Improve – Adding or changing one or more elements to improve the object/idea

Transform – Using an object or idea for a different purpose

Create 2 – Use two objects or ideas to create a new object or idea

Disrupt – Choose an object/idea. Determine what the purpose is, then think of a completely different way to achieve that same purpose.

We had an absolute blast playing the game! Ideas ranged from an umbrella that gathered rainwater and transformed into a water gun to a modifiable bandage that adapted to the type of wound that needed to be covered. During each round, a different person serves as the Judge to decide which idea is best, and this is where the game becomes enjoyable. Each person attempts to pitch their improvement, and the Judge needs to be swayed!

While the game is fun to play, I also love that my children begin to creatively think about the design process and how to innovate when thinking about common objects or ideas.

Try it yourself! Think about a Fly Swatter.

How would you improve it?

How would you transform it?

How would you disrupt the idea of a fly swatter?

Once you begin to get in the mindset of innovating and disrupting, you might be able to generate better ideas. As always, we can begin to use this thinking to improve education and learning.

I’m thankful that we had the opportunity to share some extra time together during the winter storm. I’m also glad that we were able to disrupt Family Night!

Rich (@RACzyz)

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