Trip to the Movies


Yesterday, my wife and I took or kids and two of their friends to see the movie, The Greatest Showman. I always say that the arts foster joy and connection. I couldn’t help but think this as my kids sat, smiling and laughing with their friends waiting for the movie to begin.


The movie begins with a song.

I had no idea that it was a musical.

As the movie went on

I couldn’t help but think of

all the artists,

visual and performing,

who were involved

in the making of this film.


The writers,

song writers,




set designers,

costume designers,

lighting artists,

make-up artists,




The arts are important.

They foster joy and connections

even when topics and times are tough.

Especially when topics and times are tough.

The students of today will become tomorrow’s

(or even today’s) makers.

If we want great arts, great movies, great songs,

we need to support the arts, and the voices

and the visions, of our youngest creators.

We need to help them to share and communicate their messages

as clearly and as interestingly as possible.


Creating creates creativity.


We get better at creating by creating.


Help them learn to create.

It will make for a better future.

For everyone.


Trevor (@trevorabryan)

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