Long Term Implications


I work in a school with students who are seven and eight years old. 

I focus a majority of my time focusing on helping to meet the students’ daily needs. 


As educators, we often focus on what students need today, next week, next month, and this year. 

For many educators, they will not work with their students beyond this year. 

All of this means that education maintains a very near-sighted focus. 


The 7 year olds that I am working with today will graduate from high school in 2027. 

What are the long term implications for the current education system as we know it?


If we don’t start thinking about the long term implications, we may well be compromising the future of our current second grade students. 


If you see students today, ask yourself this question:

Where will the education these students are getting leave them in 1 year?

5 years?

10 years?


It’s time that we start asking questions, starting with:

What are the long term implications?


Rich (@RACzyz)

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