King Size Tasks & Patience


My daughter ordered a king size shake last week when we visited Hershey Park.

Not only was there chocolate milkshake involved, but cream filled donuts, chocolate covered pretzel sticks, chocolate chips, and sprinkles.

There’s a certain amount of dedication, perseverance, and laser-like focus needed to tackle a king size milkshake. It also takes an incredible amount of patience to consume such a treat.

Anything worth doing requires dedication, perseverance, focus, and patience. But patience is the key to finishing.

For many who take on king size tasks, they often go unfinished due to a lack of patience. You need to accept that completion of meaningful work may require you to accept everything that goes along with it. There may be hiccups along the way, and your ability to tolerate delays and obstacles goes a long way in helping you to accomplish meaningful work.

More importantly though, when you can demonstrate patience, you can also find some joy in those king size tasks. Don’t forget to patiently enjoy those king size tasks, especially when they lead to meaningful accomplishments.

After all, patience and joy and king size shakes go hand in hand (in hand).




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