The READI Framework for Professional Development


Are you responsible for planning professional development? Are you carefully considering how you plan PD sessions?

The READI Framework can be used to think critically as you plan your next PD session. Remember to always ask, “Is this READI?” as you plan:

  1. Is this PD session relevant to what educators do each day?
  2. Is this PD session embedded in what educators do?
  3. Is this PD session aligned with district and school goals and
    educator goals?
  4. Is this PD session designed to provide educator choice
    and voice?
  5. Is this PD session going to impact learning outcomes for both
    teachers and students?


Learn more about the READI Framework by picking up a copy of ROGUE Leader: Make the Rules, Inspire Others, and Take Control of Your Own Professional Development Destiny.




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