Our youngest learners had the start of their educational career interrupted by the events of the past twenty months. For students who were getting accustomed to kindergarten in March of 2020, they’ve experienced inconsistency as their routine.

These students are now in second grade, and I realized today that their version of “school” looks completely different from what we are accustomed to. “Raising a hand” meant clicking on a button and waiting to see if the teacher on the other side of the screen even noticed. “Flexible seating” meant sitting, laying, standing, and moving around whenever and wherever they wanted to (at home, of course). “Listening and engaging” meant staring at a screen for multiple hours a day.

It’s been a difficult adjustment period throughout the first half of the year, but I’m beginning to see glimpses.

I recognize that we have a long road ahead of us, but I hope that we will get away from the routine of inconsistency.

I’d rather see glimpses of growth and brilliance instead.




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