No Set Tracks


I recently took my kids to a theme park with some very large rollercoasters. It was interesting to watch the dynamic of my children as one of them demonstrated no fear by enthusiastically riding the tallest and fastest coasters the park had to offer. Another demonstrated considerable restraint and a healthy dose of fear as she avoided anything that seemed to be out of her wheelhouse. And yet, my third child worked his way through some of the coasters, building up courage to tackle some of the larger rides.

It was interesting to see how different their approaches were even though they were raised in the same environment by the same parents. I’m always amazed at how different kids can turn out to be even though they come from the same household.

As an educator, I’ve been in the position to explain to a parent that they shouldn’t compare the experience or performance of one child to another.

As a parent, it can be incredibly difficult not to do so. But I try. And I’m glad that each of them is developing into who they should be.

It also helps me to remember that we should do the same for each of our students.

No set tracks.

Let them ride whatever coaster they are most comfortable with.

At whatever pace they need to.




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