Change the Default


One of the first things I do when using a new program is review the default settings. The default is designed based on user preferences during beta testing. The default settings might also include features built by designers for ways in which they think users will use the program.

What I’ve noticed is that the default settings don’t always align with how I intend to use the program. So, I’ll change whatever defaults I need to in order to provide the best user experience for me.

As the school year begins, consider what your default settings are.

Consider the default features that have been set up in a certain way to work for others, but not necessarily you.

Consider the defaults that may not necessarily work for every student.

Look at the defaults (the way things have always been done) and consider how a slight change here or there may help to improve learning and instruction for you and your students.

The default settings do not have to be permanent.

Change your settings this year to work for you.

Change the settings this year to work for your students.




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