The Secret Is Almost Out!


Today, I met with our secret society of writers at school. This group of 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students are extremely dedicated and passionate writers. They span all genres of writing, and it shows in the books that they are currently authoring. We have student authors ready to publish chapter books, picture books, poetry, comic books, informational books, and more.

What I love about meeting with these authors is their passion for writing! I also love that we get to talk about being authors. Students need to be able to engage in their passion for writing and sharing their creative selves. While this year has been a challenge for our secret society in that meetings were first remote, then in person, and sometimes cancelled, our authors have persevered throughout everything, passionately bringing their writing to an audience.

We are hopefully putting the final touches of some of our writing pieces in preparation for a publishing party before the end of the school year. Showing students that there is power in publishing your work is a step that we need to incorporate more with student writers. We should give every student the chance to produce and share their work (whether writing or some other type of creative work). Let’s not keep our students’ passions a secret any more.




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