Video Killed the Radio Star


Warning: This song will get stuck in your head. I apologize upfront.

My son was introduced to this song/video by his school librarian to help him learn about how the Dewey Decimal system works. It is an incredibly powerful tool created by another librarian. While several years old, the video has amassed more than three million views. My guess is that many students still remember how the Dewey Decimal system works thanks to this video.

Several times a week, the song will pop up in our house from one of our children, “Hi, My name is Melville DEW-A!!!” It’s an earworm. Once it’s in your head, you can’t get rid of it. After I thought more about the video, I realized that it is a great way to teach a concept. It continues the tradition of Schoolhouse Rock, a catchy, playful song that helps students to learn. If we think about students new devotion to Tik Tok and video, we may be able to find a simple way to engage students in learning.

Educators, keep pumping out those videos to help students learn.

If you need info, you know where to go, go to your LI-BRARY!!!




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