26 Short Days


As I write this, there are 40 days left in school. In a few short weeks, we will welcome all of our students back to school for the first time in well over a year.

When we do, we will have the opportunity to meet with the majority of our students for 26 days. This may be the most important time that we ever spend with students.

I know that this year has been difficult. I know that it has been a long treacherous journey with surprises and pitfalls around every corner. It’s been hard to keep trying every day, and on many occasions, it feels as if we are failing. First, let me assure you that we are not.

Second, let me implore you to use these next 26 days to impact those students who will look to you again. Use the time to help students fall in love with school again. Use the time to read together and explore, and dream, and do. Help students fall in love with reading again. Give students the chance to see the beauty in just the right math problem. Give kids the chance to design and make and create. Let kids write with pens and pencils and paper. Use scissors. Disconnect from devices for large periods of time. Help students see the power in using their hands to learn. It’s all so important.

26 days. 26 short days.
The briefest of time to make an impact.

A chance for students to fall in love with school again.
A chance for educators to fall in love with teaching again.

26 short days.
Now is the time.

Make the most of it.




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