March Madness, Semifinal #2


For the next two weeks, Four O’Clock Faculty will be taken over by March Madness, Secret Sauce style! Eight strategies from The Secret Sauce: Essential Ingredients for Exceptional Teaching will go head to head until there is one March Madness Champion!

With each vote that you cast, you are put into a drawing to win one of five copies of the book! Vote in each round to increase your chances of winning!

Let’s get to our second Semifinal Matchup:

Strategy #6 from the Reflection Bracket: Reflect, Review, To-Do (page 87, The Secret Sauce)

Take a few minutes at the end of the day to complete this three-part activity. Ask students to reflect on their learning for the day, review what they accomplished during the day, and complete their To-Do list for the next day. This short exercise gives students a chance to contemplate their own learning, as well as have an action plan for how to continue their learning. Plus, the To-Do list can help students practice organization and planning skills!

Strategy #8 from the Time Management Bracket: Leave Whitespace (page 90, The Secret Sauce)

As contradictory as this may sound, leaving gaps of time in your daily schedule may actually help you to accomplish more. White space is a visual arts term that is often referred to as “negative space.” Sometimes, the white space left in your schedule can be more important than the activities scheduled. Leave open a thirty minute block at the end of your day to let students complete any unfinished work or get started on homework while you are there to support them. If you jam-pack your schedule, accounting for every minute and every second, you and your students will only find yourselves frustrated, stressed, and angry when emergencies or scheduling snafus arise. White space can become a welcome respite within your overbooked days!

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