March Madness, Semifinal #1


For the next two weeks, Four O’Clock Faculty will be taken over by March Madness, Secret Sauce style! Eight strategies from The Secret Sauce: Essential Ingredients for Exceptional Teaching will go head to head until there is one March Madness Champion!

With each vote that you cast, you are put into a drawing to win one of five copies of the book! Vote in each round to increase your chances of winning!

Let’s get to our first Semifinal Matchup:

Strategy #1 from the Communication Bracket: #GoodNewsPhoneCall (page 44, The Secret Sauce)

Make a good news phone call home to a student’s family when they do something noteworthy – perhaps an academic achievement or an act of kindness. Calling home for a good reason helps to establish a positive relationship between teacher and parent/guardian and can make a huge difference for the student and family! Share out a photo via social media to recognize the student and share their name on a #GoodNewsPhoneCall Wall of Fame. (Ours is in our Main Office!)

Strategy #3 from the Organization Bracket: Sub Plans for Students (page 135, The Secret Sauce)

Instead of writing sub plans for the substitute, write your sub plans for your students. Provide students with a list of meaningful activities they should be working on and a list of resources available to help them further their learning. Make sure that students, as well as the substitute have copies of the plans. Writing your plans for students allows them to have a clear expectation as to why they should be taking ownership of their learning.

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