The Bucket Brigade


I’ve written recently about an administrator’s role as the Chief Firefighter. I do find myself constantly putting out fires.

What I failed to mention, however, was the role of the bucket brigade that is usually lined up alongside the administrator. There are many steps leading up to putting out a fire, each pass of the bucket helping to extinguish the flames.

There are many willing participants involved in the brigade: administrators, office staff, teachers, support staff, custodians, parents, and others willing to pitch in to fight each fire.

It doesn’t matter where you are in line.

Sometimes, you end up dousing the flame.

Sometimes, you begin by grabbing a bucketful of water.

Sometimes, you pass the bucket to the next in line.

Each pass of the bucket is significant. The fire would not be put out if just one of those passes fails.

So, thank you bucket brigade.

My sincerest gratitude for jumping in to put out the fires.

The strength lies in all of us contributing.




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