Let the Writers Write


Have you ever had that student in your class, the one who can’t stop writing?

Each day, it’s a new story. Or a continuation of a story. The student is always incredibly excited to share their new piece of writing with you. You may feel bad about not paying enough attention to the young writer because you are trying to help other students as well.

He or she writes and writes. During math class, you catch them writing in a small notebook hidden in the corner of their desk. You see them writing in the lunch room. As soon as they arrive for the day, they tell you the latest piece of fiction they’ve been working on at home.

There are some kids who simply love writing. Yet we are doing it all wrong. Adults attempt to teach writing as if there is one (and only one) process that will lead to success as a writer. Our kids who love writing are left to struggle through our writing “instruction” with the hope that it will soon be over, and they can get back to what they love the most, actually writing.

So let those writers write.

Let them find themselves as writers.

Give them every chance to become the writers that they seek to be.

Don’t hinder them with prescribed writing instruction that puts them into a box.

Let the writers write.




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