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I recently listened to a Cult of Pedagogy podcast episode about Classroom Jobs. As a former 5th grade teacher, I implemented a system of jobs/credits/debits to motivate students and to teach them some financial literacy skills.

The podcast featured Thom Gibson, who discussed how he was using classroom jobs during remote and hybrid learning. As I know teachers have been struggling with engaging students during this time, the ideas talked about during the episode seem like the perfect way to ensure attendance and engagement by students. Thom also mentioned several examples of different jobs which he has used in the remote setting to make his virtual classroom run more efficiently, but also to make the classroom more engaging for all learners.

Give students real roles that they will want to take part in and that let them develop practical skills that can help them grow as individuals. By giving students something meaningful to do each day, you are helping them to become a contributing member of your classroom community.

It’s a Win Win for everyone involved. If you haven’t listened to the podcast yet, please do so ASAP, and begin to engage students with real responsibility in your classroom.




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