Daydream Deficit Disorder


Our days are filled.

Tasks. Assignments. Projects. Checklists.

Standards. Objectives. Target goals.

We move from subject to subject in convenient forty minute blocks.

Students memorize. They recite. They practice. They recall. They confirm answers to basic questions.

As we continue to line our days with more and more, we are creating a major deficit for many students.

We have not left any time for daydreaming.

We need to find time for kids to sit and dream.

Thinking. Pondering. Creating. Tinkering. Imagining. Doodling. Musing. Playing. Dreaming about big, audacious ideas.

We need to find time for students to explore and get lost in their own thoughts.

Sometimes, kids just need to keep their head in the clouds.

Let’s embrace daydreaming.

Look at your schedule and dream up some time to make it happen.




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