Hitting Send


Hitting send (or tweet or post or share).

It can be nerve wracking.

It can be stress inducing.

It will certainly give you pause (if not complete shut down).

Hitting send (or tweet or post or share) can be extremely difficult.

Writing down your thoughts isn’t as hard. After all they are your thoughts.

It’s not until you get ready to share them with the world when the anxiety creeps in.

It would probably be easier to just keep the thoughts to yourself.

The world doesn’t need to hear your unique voice anyway.

Your voice isn’t all that important.

Is it?

And if you don’t hit send (or tweet or post or share), then no one will truly understand how you feel anyway.

Maybe you are better off not hitting send.

Maybe, just maybe though, the words are important.

If they are important enough to write, then they are probably important enough to share.

Maybe you should hit send after all.

If they meant something to you when you wrote them, then they will probably mean something to at least one other person out there.

And if they mean something to that one other person, then it’s absolutely necessary that you hit send.

So, you are now compelled to share your words.

Go ahead. Just hit send.

Someone else out there is counting on you to do it.




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