Teachers as Writers: Motivation


Last week, I challenged teachers everywhere with the Teachers as Writers Challenge #1. Here is what I wrote:

What motivates you to work with students every day?

I came late to teaching. I graduated with a degree in a different field, and after working for a few years, decided that I needed to make a difference in this world. I thought that teaching was the way to do that. Through coaching little league baseball, I had already developed a passion for working with kids.

That passion was further developed when I began working with kids in the classroom. I enjoy the lightbulb moments when something finally clicks. I enjoy having daily conversations with students. The daily smiles, hugs, and fist bumps at arrival. The “Have a great night, Mr. Czyz” at dismissal. The jokes that students share with me at lunch. Playing kickball, wiffleball, or soccer with kids at recess. Showing students that you can learn to love writing by writing about what you love. Teaching students the incredible power of numbers. I love all of it!

While teaching is an incredibly difficult profession sometimes, it’s the work of students and with students that keeps bringing me back each day!

Would love to see what motivates you each day! Share at #4OCF.




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