Teachers as Writers Project #1


Do teachers that teach writing need to be writers?

Do they need to write well?

It’s probably a question that we don’t consider very often. After all, we don’t assume that teachers who teach math need to be mathematicians.

But maybe part of the reason that writing is a very difficult subject to teach is that those teachers don’t regularly engage in the writing process.

Writing is a beautifully complex process, and teachers who engage in the process, often understand how to break it down for students. They can help them understand that the writing process is not alike for any two people.

Some teachers attempt to teach a standardized writing process, one that strips away all of the joy in just writing.

I want all educators to experience the JOY of the writing process. It can be therapeutic. It can be reflective. It can be inspirational. It can and will help you to improve as an educator.

Over the next several weeks, join in the #4OCF Teachers as Writers Project. Each Wednesday, find a prompt to help you write. No need to share what you write, but if you’d like to share it with a colleague or share your writing at #4OCF, other educators would be happy to read and hear what you have to say!

Today’s Teachers as Writers Challenge:

What motivates you to work with students every day?


No need to prep and plan for this writing assignment. Just write for 5-10 minutes. Free thought and associations to the prompt. Just write from the heart. What drives you to work with students?

Can’t wait to see what you write!




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