Management Strategies that Matter


Solid classroom management comes down to building the two R’s!

Relationships and Routines.

We spend a lot of time in the first few weeks focusing on both.

It is absolutely imperative that students understand routines inside and out. Internalizing routines allows students to let their learning process run on autopilot.

Try these management strategies that matter to ensure routines and procedures are built properly within your classroom.

Practice, practice, and practice again. If students run through routines over and over again, the classroom runs like a fine-tuned machine. Students solve their own problems. They move quickly and efficiently through tasks and rarely need to ask the teacher for help with logistical issues. This usually happens through repeated modeling and practice.

Don’t assume students know how to do something. Keep in mind that some students may not know what your directions mean. When you tell students to “talk quietly,” you may expect them to be at a three out of ten, while the students’ understanding of a “quiet voice” can be an eight out of ten. Modeling is so helpful so that all students know exactly what is expected.

Plan for even the smallest details. Don’t leave anything to chance. Students want and expect routines and procedures. How does a student access supplies? What if a student needs a break? Or needs to use the bathroom? Make sure you have an established plan of action to address these needs so students don’t need to waste instructional time thinking about basics. Be on top of everything.

Place the onus of responsibility on students. No matter how many students you work with, you are only one person. If you make yourself responsible for every routine and procedure, you simply won’t be able to get everything done. Make students accountable for basic routines. Teach them to help themselves. Show them the way, then get out of their way.

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