Cognitive Dissonance


This time of year is typically one of the most exciting times of the school year.

New students. New teachers. New friends.

A chance to start anew.


While many of us have these feelings, we also have competing feelings.

Anxiety. Uncertainty. Trepidation.

Competing trains of thought that will make this the most stressful year we have ever faced as educators.

We must do what’s best for students.
But we must also remember to do what’s best for ourselves.

Take the time that you need.

Go at your own pace.

Slow down if need be.

Take a breath.

The competing thoughts and feelings will continue to battle in our minds only if we let them.

Don’t give them that power.

Spend time freeing your mind.
Accept uncertainty. Find peace.
Control what you can.
Do what’s best for you.