The Role of Schools Within Our Society


It seems like we now truly understand the importance of the role of schools within our society. We have figured out that maybe our society (specifically, our economy) doesn’t work when schools are not able to fulfill the childcare role that they typically do, aside from all of the other services (social services, dietary needs, emotional supports, etc.) that schools provide each day in order to allow for a better functioning society.

Whether and how we open fully (or not) in several weeks, maybe it’s time to ask the all important question again. If open schools are so closely tied to the success of our economy, then why don’t we make our schools a funding priority? Why don’t teachers have the supplies they need instead of having to buy their own? Why don’t we have the support staff necessary to ensure that the needs of students are met? Why don’t we have adequate facilities to support teachers and students in learning? How will we keep kids safe when budgets are being slashed?

I could go on and on with these types of questions. We all know the answer. It’s never been a priority.

The better question we need to ask:

Do enough people now see that it needs to be a priority? 




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