Design Your Own PD


For years, we have heard the complaints.

Not enough….
Too much….
It could have used some….
I could have done without ….

Each of us serves as an Expert on PD. Simply because it needs to be personally relevant to each of us.

Keeping this in mind, make sure you design PD that works for you.

Answer these simple questions and design your own PD that meets your needs.

Will the time spent be worthwhile?
Is this relevant to what I do each day?
Will this make me a better educator?
Will this help my students?
How can I make this fun?
Am I interested in learning about this topic?
Can I find others who will learn alongside me about this topic?
Is this meaningful?
Does this PD make me a better educator?
Can I take this back to the classroom immediately?


Answering these questions can you ensure the PD Opportunities that you choose match the goals you are trying to meet.


Rich (@RACzyz)


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