Hope, Love, and Gratitude


Standing in the parking lot of school, I watched as cars approached, and parents got out to retrieve their children’s materials which were thrown into bags after sitting unattended for months. In some cases, students popped out from the back seat, wearing masks, just wanting to say hello. While it was one of the most welcoming sights I could have asked for, it was also one of the saddest.

No fist bumps. No high fives. Just sad eyes peering over a face mask.

This was not how we were meant to finish the school year, and yet, it became our reality.

No fist bumps. No high fives. No hugs. Just longing for everything that was missed.

Each family shared their heartfelt thanks, and expressed how much kids missed school. We shared our own gratitude for everything that families have done, and expressed our desire to have kids back at school soon. Where they belong.

No fist bumps. No high fives. No hugs.
Just hope, love, and gratitude.

Thank you to everyone who has made this a little easier by continuing to lift up our community.



Rich (@RACzyz)

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