PBL Ideas for Students


Project Based Learning might serve as a perfect diversionary assignment for students right now. Try these!

Create a Podcast. It doesn’t have to be technologically fancy, but students can share their expertise using Google Slides by adding Audio for each “segment.” Have students do a Podcast “interview” with a character from a book or a historical figure. Give students the chance to create a podcast where they talk about something they are passionate about. Let students have fun and make something where they exercise their creative skills and learn more about content.

Marketing Plan for a Book. Students can create a marketing plan for a book. It could be something new that they’ve read or an old favorite. Students can make a Book Trailer using iMovie. Adobe Spark can be used to create a trailer or print ad. Students can write a Book Review (Think Movie Reviews and Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down). Students can create from the point of view of a character or try to entice readers to choose their favorite book.

Invent a New Game or Sport. Students can invent a game or sport that can be played at home. Students can document the rules for the game, as well as strategies for winning. Students can create a How To Video to show others how to play the game. Students can create a game that works for a varied audience. Kids of different ages in the neighborhood. A game that works great for families including toddlers and grandparents. Get students thinking about their audience’s needs in order to create with empathy.

Plan a Community Engagement Activity. Right now, people are stuck at home, but love to be engaged, inspired, and connected. Have students come up with an activity that the masses can participate in. Students will need to work through limitations for sure, but hopefully design something that keeps everyone safe, engaged, and entertained at the same time!

Give Your Own TED Talk. Now is the time for students to discover their passions. Let them learn about TED Talks. Give them a list of great talks to watch and learn from. Have students create their own STED Talk – Students Teaching, Entertaining, and Delivering! Students can research to prepare, write, edit, and revise, and collaborate with peers for feedback. Students will then need to practice the art of the speech in delivering their STED Talk to motivate and engage. Once they do all of this, VOILA! You’ll have a class full of STED Talk Speakers!

Good luck! Share out successes at #4OCF.


Rich (@RACzyz)


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